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【代發】醫療器材創新團隊與創業家培訓課程 20170911

為了幫助醫療器材創新團隊與創業家落實創新創業, 由世界華裔骨科學會發起舉辦, 邀請尹集雄總裁由商業經營的角度, 講授三個課程包含市場定位, 專利授權, 創造價值. 除了講課還有個案研究, 答問及群組練習.



地點童綜合醫院 20 樓視聽教室 (台中市梧棲區台灣大道八段699)


主辦單位:世界華裔骨科學會, 台灣骨科醫學會, 台灣骨科研究學會, 台灣骨科器材發展協會, 童綜合醫療社團法人童綜合醫院微創中心


培訓對象:1. 臨床醫師2. 醫療器材相關研究學者3. 醫療產業企業菁英及研發主管

學員名額:100歡迎各學會, 協會會員代表參加


費用說明:課程免費世界華裔骨科學會贊助), 交通食宿費用敬請自理



請於928日(星期四)17:00前直接聯絡游元禮秘書 (Cell: 0920-054-203, Email: yuanliyu66@gmail.com)

主講者:Mr. Paul Yin (尹集雄總裁)           

Mr Paul has 40 years of experience in product development, regulatory services, distribution, manufacturing, and growth breakthrough by alliance, merger, and acquisition. He held executive positions at GE, Stryker, Medtronic, and Amsino across various territories (US, PRC, Taiwan, and South Korea). He pioneered Medtronics orthopedic and surgical technology growth and breakthrough in China by joint venture and led Medtronics global business development in the emerging markets of Brazil, Mexico, India, and Russia to penetrate their under-served value segments. He also taught at GEs corporate leadership development program and mentored several hundred general manager candidates in the Greater China. His marketing expertise is unique in multi-brand healthcare distribution and clinical services.Mr. Yin received his BS Engineering Science from Harvey Mudd College (Claremont, California), MS Mechanical Engineering from the University of California (Berkeley), and MBA Finance from Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, California). He is trained on the Six Sigma quality methodology and certified as Professional Engineer in the state of California. He is currently an independent consultant on business strategy and operation in the emerging markets and leadership development.

09:20-09:30 開幕致詞及引言
09:30-10:10 Lecture 1-
Market Segment Focus

-      Rationale of marketing

-      Segment market size (“Best-in-Class”)

-      Competitive environment & positioning

-      Segmentation methodology

-      Market share (case vs. sale)

-      Example of orthopaedic device segmentation

10:10-10:50 Case study, Q&A, Group exercise
10:50-11:10 Coffee Break
11:10-11:50 Lecture 2- Clinical-Oriented Intellectual Property (IP)

-      IP development stages

-      IP incentive & protection

-      Clinical confirmation & trial

-      Clinical acceptance (“Standard of Care”)

-      ISO-13485 readiness

-      Design review board (Clinical Advisory Board)  

11:50-12:30 Case study, Q&A, Group exercise
12:30-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-14:10 Lecture 3-Value Creation

-      Critical criteria in health care enterprise valuation

-       Value creation priorities

-       Staged value creation action plans

-       Roadmap to capital market

-       Attracting capital market attention

14:10-14:50 Case study, Q&A, Group exercise
14:50-15:30 Final Discussion
15:30-15:50 Closing Remarks

  TEL:02-2367-8803 E-mail:tsbme2017@gmail.com
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